The Michelangelo and Beyond exhibition at the Albertina deals with the emergence, significance and decline of the depiction of the human nude, which was greatly shaped by Michelangelo.

Renaissance master Michelangelo is at the centre of this exhibition, as he is alone in his understanding of the new view of a dynamic body. His works had a formative influence on the artists of his time, but his importance extended far beyond his time and influenced artists into the 20th century. The exhibition shows the rediscovery of the ancient Greco-Roman idea of the ideal body during Michelangelo’s lifetime and the revolutionary advances in the depiction of the human figure.

Raffael, Dürer, Rembrandt, Mengs, Rubens, Klimt and Schiele are also on display alongside Michelangelo, each of whom developed their own perception of the body, be it through emulation, evolution or absolute rejection of Michelangelo’s ideal.

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