Seeds of Time is the title under which the ALBERTINAMuseum is presenting a selection of new works by Hubert Scheibl, most of which were created while ensconced in the isolation of the pandemic. Questions about life and death, about nature with its mutations and the evolution of life’s smallest building blocks, of cells, viruses, and bacteria, have become acutely relevant amidst these novel circumstances. The pandemic has unhinged our world: in a way that is impressive and universally palpable, a virus has proven how time and space are really quite relative in the face of elemental threats. Accustomed points of reference shift and require redefinition. And the past, present, and future condense into an ephemeral moment captured in a painting that negates the linear continuity of time. Coincidence and the uncontrollable are front and center, here—as is also the case in Scheibl’s art.

 © Foto: Albertina