"With the new room concept we wanted to capture the atmosphere of Vienna while also telling the story of the diverse culture of the city. This is why we have devoted each floor to a particular theme, and have tried to make the Viennese presence tangible with special personalities of our city.

While researching our neighbourhood, we contacted institutions and spoke to people who were able to help us develop a concept for each floor. Many ideas are based on historical facts, archival records, and reproduced art forms. We soon came to realise that there are many different perspectives to examine while discussing Vienna.

Raimund Brunnmair, Viennese at heart, is an interior designer who applied his creative expertise as well as his artisan talent to help us develop a concept using unlimited Viennese inspirations which we have dedicated to personalities of Viennese culture and history.

We have used originals and reproductions, historical limited editions of wallpaper, stage designs, theater programs, lithographs, engravings, 3D prints, photographs, prints taken from samples, portraits and biographies.

Our special thanks go to the Secession, Theater an der Wien, the Kunsthistorische Museum, and the Technical Museum.

Since autumn 2014 we have been inviting our guests on one day of the weekend to enjoy a Salon Concert, usually for for cello and piano. Viennese classical pieces will be performed. The concert starts at 5.30 pm in the Papageno Lounge. By the way, the Bösendorfer grand piano was owned by my mother Sissy, who was a great pianist."