The first floor of the Cibeles Palace Centre is hosting this exhibition, which is part of a new programming project aimed at sparking reflection about Europe. To this end, an interpretation is provided of works held in the private collection of Pi Fernandino.

The exhibition invites us to discuss Europe from the idea that it is immeasurable, that it cannot be measured, formed through disparate visions, the lack of a common language, but also that which is external to perception, to language. The different works exhibited portray aspects of the idea of Europe.

The exhibition features work by 16 international artists: Antoni Muntadas, Hans Op de Beeck, Monica Ross, Samuel Stevens, Ibon Aranberi, Willie Doherty, Harun Farocki, Dora García, Angela Bulloch, Jon Mikel Euba, Tacita Dean, Doug Hall, Martha Rosler, Victor Alimpiev, Chris Marker, and Gintaras Didziapetris, divided into three blocks: the first looks at present-day Europe, with issues such as migration, border management, and human rights; the second block alludes to the past and recent history of Europe, such as colonisation, fascism, biopolitics and its institutions, and internal armed conflicts; and the third block of exhibits, not related with the general theme of the exhibition, are there to annotate and expand on conceptual, poetical and political aspects of the selection.